Call of Duty Twitter Account Teases Modern Warfare Remaster… With a Poop Emoji


[Insert 100 emoji here]

Remember how Call of Duty teased a new game by adding Snapchat codes to Black Ops 2? Well, it seems CoD’s marketing team are just generally fans of oblique social media strategies, given its use of emojis to hint at the rumoured Modern Warfare Remaster.

Replying to a nearly year and a half-old tweet about the possibility of such a project, the shooter franchise’s official Twitter account had some choice… symbols to say:

The Call of Duty Twitter account's teasing response.

The Call of Duty Twitter account’s teasing response.

It’s close to a confirmation of both the remaster and – given that that information came from a pre-order card for the new Infinity Ward game – the new series entry’s apparent title, Infinite Warfare, as well as a November 4 release date and the existence of a “Legacy Edition” (presumably the version of the game including Modern Warfare Remastered).

The game is strongly rumoured to have a sci-fi setting – we may know for sure soon enough, given a leak suggesting the new game would be revealed by next week.

Joe Skrebels is IGN’s UK News Editor, and emojis worry him. Scare him on Twitter.

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