Destiny: How to Beat the Oryx Challenge in the King’s Fall Raid

[UPDATE: With King’s Fall being brought up to light level 390, we are reposting our Challenge Mode guides for any Destiny players that may need assistance. In order to complete the challenge, fireteams need to wait to detonate the orbs until 16 have accumulated on the battleground. That means staggering Oryx but not going to detonate four times, and fighting the Echo of Oryx four times. Then once there are 16 orbs on the ground, detonate them all and that completes the challenge.]

It’s early Tuesday morning and that means two things for the Destiny population: a new week of Strikes and Weekly bounties to complete and a brand new challenge for the King’s Fall raid. This week, Destiny rolls out its final raid challenge, the Oryx challenge.

While most assumed the Oryx challenge would be the most difficult of the three, prior encounters with the Warpriest and Golgoroth have players less convinced. The hope was that these challenges would…er…challenge players in unique ways, but so far they have only required that each fireteam member participate in the activity.

For example, the Warpriest challenge requires that no one hold the ‘Brand of the Initiate’ twice and the Golgoroth challenge forces each player to grab the ogre’s gaze during a rotation. Nothing too out of the ordinary, and honestly nothing too challenging. That being said, the fights in non-challenge modes are fairly easy.

The Oryx fight in the King’s Fall raid, however, is easily the most challenging PvE encounter in all of Destiny, because it requires teamwork, coordination, and players who can think on the fly. Unlike past raids it really isn’t possible for one or two players to do all of the heavy lifting and succeed; everyone needs to do their part. Well, that is if you aren’t solo-ing the Oryx fight. In that case, only one player needs to do the work.

So far no one has beat the Oryx challenge but plenty of Destiny die-hards are trying their best to uncover its secrets. Popular theories like rotating runners each damage phase or using all four platforms have already been shot down, but there are still plenty of other hypotheses being tested. Eventually someone will discover how to kill Oryx and we will deliver the step-by-step strategy when the team does. Players are likely to be working extra hard to beat the Oryx challenge in the hopes that it will offer more than just the basic rewards.

As we already know, the Oryx challenge will include the final Calcified Fragment in the collection, thereby completing the Books of Sorrow and (hopefully) unlocking something special. Collecting 45 fragments unlocked the exotic scout rifle Touch of Malice, so the hope is that 50 will unlock an even more powerful weapon. If nothing else, hopefully the Challenge delivers that Oryx-themed ship everyone has coveted since The Taken King released.

How do you think the Oryx challenge in King’s fall works? What rewards do you hope it unlocks?

Destiny: The Taken King is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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