Destiny: Xur Location and Exotic Item List for June 2-4

When it comes to Destiny’s exotic vendor Xur there are good weeks and there are bad weeks, but usually there is at least one redeeming quality to his exotic selection. This week, however, we have very little good to say about the exotics Xur has on offer, but completionists out there might want to take a look anyway.

Xur Location

This week, Destiny players can find Xur in the nightclub area of Tower South. Easily, the longest trek to Xur, this hiding spot is to the right after spawning in. Follow the path past Amanda Holliday and under the Future War Cult vendor, keep going until you hear the music/see the jukebox, and Xur will be in the very back next to the couch.

Xur’s Exotic Armor and Weapon

Xur’s exotic armor selection this weekend includes the Crest of Alpha Lupi chest piece for Titans, the Mask of the Third Man helmet for Hunters, and the Skull of Dire Ahamkara helmet for Warlocks.

At one point, the Crest chest piece used to be pretty popular for its fast revive capabilities, but nerfs have made it less viable. Mask of the Third Man and the Warlock helmet, on the other hand, are rarely used by their respective classes, although they do look cool.

The exotic weapon Xur has for sale this weekend is Hard Light, a faster firing auto rifle with bullets that ricochet off hard surfaces. It may look and sound cool, but Hard Light is hardly useful thanks to numerous auto rifle nerfs by Bungie.

In PvP it is going to get outgunned by hand cannons and pulse rifles at range, and in PvE it’s just not strong enough to do any meaningful damage. Unless you really like the look and sound of the gun, we’d recommend keeping it tucked in the Vault until Destiny 2, when it will get destroyed anyway.

Exotic Weapon Bundles and Recap

Destiny - Hard Light Auto Rifle

And finally, Xur’s exotic weapon bundles this weekend are the Monte Carlo auto rifle and its Superspy ornament, and the Red Death pulse rifle and its Steel Witch ornament. It seems like a lot of repeats for Xur when it comes to exotic weapon bundles, which makes an already useless inventory item even more so.

For a full rundown of Xur’s items and prices see the list below:

  • Crest of Alpha Lupi (Titan Chest Piece) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Mask of the Third Man (Hunter Helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Skull of Dire Ahamkara (Warlock Helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Hard Light (Auto Rifle) – 23 Strange Coins
  • Legacy Heavy Weapon Engram – 31 Strange Coins

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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