League of Legends Teams Banned from Professional Competition


Players left without teams to play for.

A scandal is happening in eSports today, as Riot Games, developer of League of Legends, announced that two professional League of Legends teams are banned from future Riot-sanctioned competitions. A third team appears to have been banned, as well, leaving players struggling to find a home and get their careers back on track.

The first two teams in question are Renegades and TDK. Riot alleged that Renegades players were improperly treated on the team.

What’s more, the owner of team Renegades, one of the most popular commentators in all of League of Legends, Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles, was alleged to have improperly contracted a currently-suspended team owner, Chris Badawi, into an ownership agreement.

Badawi has been banned for life from Riot-sanctioned competitions and teams, while MonteCristo is banned for a year from holding any official team position. He is allowed to continue casting the Korean LCK matches, however.

Renegades and TDK have been given until May 18th to sell their teams’ slots in their respective leagues to other team owners. Renegades slot is worth over $1 million.

Another team, Team Impulse, was just banned for allegedly failing to pay its players tens of thousands of dollars in salaries. So now there is over $2 million in league spots available.

We’ll continue following these stories here at IGN.

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