Nintendo Reveals First Free Downloadable Fighter for ARMS

Nintendo has pulled back the curtain on the first downloadable character that will be joining the roster of its newest fighting game, ARMS. Taking to the company’s own E3 2017 livestream, it was revealed that one of the first bits of the game’s free DLC roadmap will arrive for the title next month in the form of Max Brass. Although Nintendo has yet to specify when fans will be able to access the combatant, they did show off the character in action during the aforementioned stream.

The art director responsible for bringing the characters of ARMS to life, Masaaki Ishikawa, opened up a bit on the history of Max Brass by stating that he’s canonically renowned in the game’s universe as the greatest fighter to ever live. As a result of residing at the top of the tournament bracket for so long, his arms are actually made out of championship belts.

When compared to the likes of the noodle-limbed MinMin, Max Brass and his victory-laden arms aren’t all that out-there. His ability, however, is one that should change up the inevitable metagame of ARMS in a big way. As detailed by the game’s producer, Kosuke Yabuki, Brass will be able to grow in size in order to be hit by incoming attacks without any knock-back. Furthermore, once the character’s health goes below 20% his fists will become permanently supercharged.

In our review of ARMS we said that the game showed some serious potential, but was ultimately a little light on content right out of the gate. It appears that Nintendo recognizes this and has plans in place to quickly build upon the game in major ways. With that said, Max Brass will actually be part of the second downloadable update for ARMS, as a spectator mode for competitive viewing will be arriving shortly after the title’s launch.

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ARMS arrives exclusively for Nintendo Switch on June 16, 2017.

Source: Nintendo – YouTube

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