No Destiny 2 Alpha Planned for Public; Beta Coming Soon

With the confirmation that a Destiny 2 beta will be available soon, gamers have been bombarding Bungie with requests for an alpha test period as well. Sadly, it seems those dreams will not come to pass, at least according to Eric Osborne, who revealed via Twitter that there will not be a public alpha test for Destiny 2.

Unsurprisingly, many gamers were disappointed to learn there wouldn’t be an alpha test period for Destiny 2. Some expected Bungie to hold an alpha test, along with the upcoming beta test, in order to iron out any kinks in the game’s code. With such high expectations and excitement for Destiny 2, it’s imperative that Bungie has a smooth launch for the game, and a public alpha test could potentially help with that endeavor.

Fortunately, gamers won’t have to wait too long for a chance to try the sci-fi shooter sequel. Bungie revealed this week that it’s planning to announce the date for the Destiny 2 beta during E3. Additionally, Bungie’s Luke Smith spoke recently about the developer’s plan to have an early beta in order to give the development team time to begin implementing changes requested by the community.

Even if Bungie opted to do a public alpha test, there likely wouldn’t be enough time for the company to act on any feedback it would receive from testers before the beta test. Instead, it seems to make sense that the company focus on internal testing, and use the upcoming beta test to make any final tweaks before the launch in September.

There may be another reason Bungie is opting against an alpha test for Destiny 2. With the game coming to PC, there’s always a chance that PC gamers will rummage through the game’s code during an alpha test in order to discover any hidden details about the game. Granted, the same thing is possible during the beta test, and is often the cause of leaked information about an upcoming title, but at least a single beta test limits the possibility of leaked information.

On the bright side, Bungie gained a lot of insight about gamer desires and expectations during the last few years with Destiny that can be applied to Destiny 2. Hopefully that means the company will avoid the handful of issues that plagued Destiny during its run.

For now, gamers can look forward to E3 and the barrage of details set to come during the week, including the date Bungie will be starting the Destiny 2 beta.

Destiny 2 is set to release September 8, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version will arrive sometime after the console launch.

Source: Reddit

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