Overwatch Update Includes Hidden ‘On Fire’ Change

After finally releasing the long awaited Bastion buff patch yesterday to the multiplayer shooter Overwatch, players are starting to discover a few more of the smaller or hidden updates also included within 2.05. One of the hidden features was discovered and revealed on Reddit after hearing in-game audio of when a teammate is on fire. Essentially, being on-fire is simply a tool that indicates if a player is performing extremely well and could also be a candidate for MVP of the match.

Previously, the mechanic was more subtle as the character sound bite only played for the player controlling the character. Teammates would need to look at the character and statistics screen in order to see the blue fire around the character icon, something many likely wouldn’t do in the middle of a battle. After update 2.05, a voice line is played for the entire squad, which is something the community has previously requested to improve the mechanic in Overwatch.

Though it appears to be a small change on paper, for many it’ll be a big deal especially for players who play high skill characters like Widowmaker. While not always a welcomed character pick and can lead to arguments over selecting a different character, players are now able to essentially prove themselves and have the rest of the team take notice.

While this hidden feature is getting a lot of praise from Overwatch players, the big news outside of the Bastion tweaks is that Blizzard has added a game server browser, letting folks easily create or join custom games with unique rule-sets. Capture the Flag, the unique match type added to the Year of the Rooster seasonal event has also been added as a custom game type, letting players set up their own CTF games now as well as the more traditional Overwatch match types.

What do you think of this subtle change? Are you happy with all of the updates so far in 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

Overwatch is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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