Saints Row 2 is Free on GoG for the Next 48 Hours

Volition is currently hard at work on its unhinged new action franchise, Agents of Mayhem, and to promote its upcoming project, the developer is running a Saint’s Row themed promotion on GoG. Saint’s Row 2 is available to all users for free, while other titles are being offered at deep discounts.

First released in 2008, Saint’s Row 2 is where many fans agree the franchise found its footing, having started out as something of a Grand Theft Auto clone. The sequel started to introduce more humor, which of course ramped up with every subsequent title leading up to the unbridled insanity of Gat Out of Hell.

Gat Out of Hell is on sale for $3.75 at GoG, while Saint’s Row IV can be had for $4.99. Both games are completely DRM-free, and the promotion runs through April 27 — although Saint’s Row 2 is only available for free until April 22.

Of course, this promotion is part of a bigger marketing push for Agents of Mayhem, which is scheduled to launch this summer. While the game isn’t part of the mainline Saint’s Row series, it has plenty of connections to Volition’s saga of the Third Street Saints.

Saint’s Row 2 is available now for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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