Super Mario Odyssey Co-op Mode Revealed

E3 2017 has proved to be an important one for Nintendo, with the company taking a lot of time to show off Super Mario Odyssey. The game has been a focus of Nintendo throughout the expo, and fans have been given such tantalizing prospects as a mysterious multiplayer mode. Thankfully, Nintendo has now taken the time to show off a local co-op mode in action.

This co-operative local multiplayer gameplay for Super Mario Odyssey was revealed during Nintendo’s live stream for day three of E3, during a session playing the game. Although Nintendo had previously advised that the game would include multiplayer, one thing that the publisher did not advise was that the second player in the game would play as Cappy, Mario’s hat.

This might come as a surprise to some, and even a disappointment for those expecting a second playable character to be Luigi. In co-op mode, each player uses one of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, with one controlling Mario and the other Cappy. Cappy’s role in the game is to help Mario complete puzzles and aide in defeating enemies.

However, those expecting the local co-op multiplayer mode to be something comprehensive for both players might not find what they want. Nintendo has stated that playing as Cappy is a good option for new video game players altogether, with a simpler control system, while whoever is controlling Mario takes charge of the camera. In a way, it looks similar to how one player could pick up Tails in Sonic 2 for the Genesis.

This local co-op might feel like a step backwards for some, particularly given that Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U offered up a much more comprehensive local multiplayer experience, but it’s nice to see a plan for inexperienced players. Meanwhile, given that Nintendo seems to be considering porting Wii U games to the Switch, it may well be that the local co-op of 3D World might be available sooner rather than later.

For now, though, Super Mario Odyssey will at least offer up a little co-op multiplayer extra for Nintendo fans. For those who can’t wait for the game’s October release date, and who simply want to play the game single player, at least there’s the new Super Mario Odyssey 64 mod to try out.

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Super Mario Odyssey will be released on October 27, 2017, for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo YouTube

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