Destiny Limited Edition Unboxings (Including Digital Guardian and Ghost) – IGN First

Want a talking robot with your copy of Destiny? IGN reveals three limited, collector editions in this unboxing.

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Our first piece of Destiny IGN First content is an unboxing of the just-announced Collector’s Editions of the game. First, the Ghost Edition, which includes:

-A steelbook disc case and disc copy of the game

-A field manual with “handwritten” notes

-An “antique” star chart

-A Guardian folio

-4 postcards from the Golden Age (i.e. Earth before the Darkness decimated it)

-The Destiny Expansion Pass ($34.99 value; good for Expansion I and Expansion II)

-Collector’s Edition Digital Content (an in-game Ghost skin, player emblem, and ship skin)

-And the centerpiece: a life-size replica of the Ghost robot, complete with lights and Peter Dinklage dialogue samples.

Meanwhile, the $99.99 Limited Edition includes everything in the CE except the illuminated, talking Ghost replica. It’s also up on Amazon.

Finally, there’s also an $89.99 Digital Guardian Edition for those looking to skip the disc version of the game. It includes a digital download of the game, early access to Vanguard armory and player emblem pre-order bonuses, a reservation for upcoming Destiny expansions “The Dark Below” and “House of Wolves” (each of which includes new Story missions, cooperative and competitive multiplayer arenas, and a “wealth” of new weapons, armor, and gear), and the aforementioned Collector’s Edition Digital Content. You can also grab it Amazon.

Be sure to stay tuned all month long to IGN First, as we’ll be bringing you multiplayer map tours, the first beta impressions, late-game sneak peeks, and more! Oh, and don’t miss our livestream of the beta on Wednesday, July 16 before you can play it!

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