About us

We let the world play

Because play is how we learn. That’s why we’re creating the ultimate online playground. Free and open to all.

We're just getting started

Our playground offers free online games to millions of people around the world. But our job isn't finished.

50,000,000 - players per month

Enjoying skill games, .io games, two-player games… even games about games.

1.1 million- hours of play per day

Who knew there were that many hours in a day?

Easy access for all

With just two lines of code, game developers can instantly publish their game to millions of players. Together, we’re on a mission to raise the bar for free games on web. How? Original content. Easy access. Better ads.

Play is how we learn

We’re a team of makers, techies, adventurers – and some gamers too. We’re kids of all ages, and love what we do. 



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